Calle Cava Baja - A Street In Madrid For Tapas

One of my favorite spots for tapas and drinks in Madrid is along the Calle Cava Baja. Located just a short walk from Plaza Mayor and the San Miguel Market the Calle Cava Baja is lined with dozens of tapas bars all serving great food, drink, and ambience. 
The prices of the bars along Calle Cava Baja are great and I highly recommend you make this a stop during your stay in Madrid. 
On this day I made it to 7 tapas bars as I enjoyed drinks and the specialty tapas of each of the bars.
My favorite was Casa Lucas for the tapas and the ox-tail stew. Super delicious!
The tapas bar Revuelta is known for it's bacalau (fried cod) and it was the best I ate in Madrid. This bar is located just across the street from the mouth of the Calle Cava Baja so don't miss it.


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