Bar La Campana - Madrid Spain

Madrid Spain is known for it's fantastic food choices and one of my favorites is the bocadillos de calamares (calamari sandwiches). These sandwiches are popular with the locals and there are many restaurants and bars serving them around the city. I stopped in and ate at La Campana thanks to a recommendation I received. It was delicious! In fact, I went twice during this trip to Madrid.
The calamari is lightly battered and fried, served on a delicious bun. I had mine with the Spaniard's version of fries along with some complimentary olives and a cold Spanish beer. All for about $6 euro.
La Campana is a quick walk from Plaza Mayor so if you get to Madrid be sure to check it out.
Yours truly getting ready to eat my bocadillos de calamaresat La Campana. 
The anticipation was killing me!


  1. I have heard a lot many dishes in Spain, last time when I went to Madrid I know the things to visit in Madrid Spain but could not find the best places to eat and drink, this time I will associate myself in these things and then will travel so that I can enjoy food as well


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