Quick Bites On The East End Of St John

The Tourist Trap, St John USVI
Just before you get to Salt Pond Bay there is a little roadside restaraunt call The Tourist Trap that serves up great food and cold drinks. After a day at Lamashur Bay or Salt Pond I ususlly stop in and grab a quick bite and a cold beer. The Tourist Trap is a nice casual setting and has good prices. 
Vie's Snack Shack, St John USVI
Vie's is a little snack stop that serves up chicken and other lunch items along with cold drinks. Vie herself runs the place and also rents beach chairs on the beach just accross the street. It's the only place to get food and drink this far east on St John making it a great stop for folks enjoying the bays on this part of St John. 
Ekaete Pink Corner, St John USVI
Everytime I drive by this little roadside restaurant I stop in and grab a beer and a Johnny Cake. "Never had a Johnny Cake you say?" Well stop in and get one. It's a deep fried sweet bread and beleive it or not goes good with a cold beer after snorkeling all day at the beach. The woman who runs this place is very friendly and her little restaraunt is cheery and inviting. There are several menu items to try and on this day I had a beef pate that was very good and washed it down with a Presidente.

On vacation give the little out of the way establishments a try. More often than not you will not be disappointed.


  1. Sweet little shack...I'll have to check it out when I visit the island this year.

  2. The first two places I know and enjoy. Where is Ekate Pink Corner?
    I am so glad that you travel and that you share your travels! Thanks!

    1. Ekate Pink Corner is in Coral Bay. Just to the right of all the signs posted as you enter Coral Bay. You can't miss it!

      When you reach the fork in the road, take it...


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